About us

Verificators provides advisory and investigative services in the field of business protection and verification of business information.

We identify risks and opportunities

Responsible risk-taking is the basis for business success. We have experience in helping the clients to solve challenges and crises that arise in any organization. We provide our customers with the information they need to benefit from these opportunities.

We work discreetly

Confidentiality is important for many organizations for which we work, that is why we do not present logotypes of our clients or describe the projects implemented for them. Most often, we cooperate with international corporations, law firms and Polish entrepreneurs operating on the international arena.

Our experts

Verificators’ competence consists of a combination of expertise, contacts and experience that we use on behalf of our customers. Our know-how also reflects the expertise of our specialists, detectives, analysts, lawyers, former secret service officers, programmers and experts in many trades. It is the combination of proven processes and trusted sources that makes it possible for us to keep our customers’ risks under control.

Founders of Verificators

Ewald Bednarczyk


He is an expert in combating internal fraud and in finding evidence for legal proceedings. He has prepared hundreds of reports connected with explaining cases of abuse, secret verification of persons and companies for the largest enterprises in Poland and Europe. He actively cooperates with lawyers advising and coordinating the collection of evidences, strengthening the power of attack or defense of clients of law firms.


Kamil Pastuszka


Associated with the security industry since 2008. Graduate of the National Defence Academy in Warsaw. He gathered knowledge and experience in the field of investigations and business intelligence at the IBBC Group and Pinkerton. Currently, he supports corporations and law firms, particularly in international projects, searching for debtors’ assets and due diligence reports.

We are members of

WAD_World Association of Detectives_verificators
PSLD_Polskie Stowarzyszenie Licencjonowanych Detektywów_Verificators
ABI Association of British Investigators - Verificators
OEDV - Verificators

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