Author: Anna Mysczak

How to avoid coronavirus fraud?

- 24 March 2020 - EN

During the coronavirus pandemia fraudsters are trying to profit from people’s fear. Fake offers promote now, e.g., vaccine kits for the coronavirus, immune boosters

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Ex-French prime minister’s wife as a key figure in fake jobs fraud

- 12 March 2020 - EN

The prosecutors asked for five years in prison, including a three-year suspended sentence, and a 375,000 euro ($417,870) fine against the former politician, and a three-year suspended sentence and the same fine against his spouse.

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Five men sent to prison for 10 million GBP online fraud

- 03 March 2020 - EN

A gang of five online fraudsters has been convicted and jailed for offenses relating to a 10 million GBP payment diversion fraud. The main method of …

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Fraudsters laundered 25 million PLN in Poland

- 26 February 2020 - EN

12 people heard allegations of laundering PLN 25 million obtained from the illegal import of diesel oil to Poland.

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Top 10 frauds in Canada, 2019

- 18 February 2020 - EN

The CAFC received 46 465 reports of fraud from consumers and businesses last year. The total reported losses from fraud were 96 163 328.64 CAD

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Over 40 individuals arrested in ‘courier fraud’ crackdown

- 06 February 2020 - EN

Most victims of the so-called courier fraud are elderly. being contacted by fraudsters claiming to be from a police force or bank and persuaded to hand over bank cards, Pin numbers or money to someone pretending to be a courier

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Rail fraud in the UK to be tackled

- 28 January 2020 - EN

British train operating companies estimate that 10%-30% of the compensation claims they pay out are fraudulent, leading to millions of pounds of financial losses. To what extent is this issue impacting the industry, and how can technology help to simplify the process of identifying fraudulent activity? The demand for rail has increased faster than other […]

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Scammers target lonely-hearts

- 21 January 2020 - EN

Verificators is a company specialized in identifying and tracking assets around the world. Don’t let the fraudsters vanish with your money.

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Six Volkswagen executives charged with fraud

- 14 January 2020 - EN

Six more VW executives charged with fraud of deliberately misleading authorities and customers in the run-up to the diesel emissions scandal in 2015; years after the scandal coming to light

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