Author: Anna Mysczak

Rail fraud in the UK to be tackled

- 28 January 2020 - EN

British train operating companies estimate that 10%-30% of the compensation claims they pay out are fraudulent, leading to millions of pounds of financial losses. To what extent is this issue impacting the industry, and how can technology help to simplify the process of identifying fraudulent activity? The demand for rail has increased faster than other […]

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Scammers target lonely-hearts

- 21 January 2020 - EN

Verificators is a company specialized in identifying and tracking assets around the world. Don’t let the fraudsters vanish with your money.

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Six Volkswagen executives charged with fraud

- 14 January 2020 - EN

Six more VW executives charged with fraud of deliberately misleading authorities and customers in the run-up to the diesel emissions scandal in 2015; years after the scandal coming to light

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How to detect misuse of founds?

- 17 December 2019 - EN

In the case of PCHA, it was a routine audit that revealed unauthorized money flow. It is questionable why such practice lasted for years unnoticed.

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What’s the cost of a data breach in 2019?

- 05 December 2019 - EN

institutions became relying on vendor’s security systems and risk management, which is crucial especially to highly regulated industries such as healthcare and financial services

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