Author: Anna Mysczak

First arrests for alleged fraud in the UK Covid support schemes

- 05 November 2020 - EN, fraud investigation

In the UK, six arrests have been made over alleged fraud in two government support schemes designed to help businesses hit by Covid-19. HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) said three men had been arrested on suspicion of fraud linked to the “eat out to help out” discount scheme, introduced in August by the chancellor, Rishi […]

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How to obtain information about Polish company?

- 17 June 2020 - EN

If you have basic data of the company you are interested in (name, NIP, REGON, KRS number), you can easily and quickly verify via the Internet using publicly available registers.

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Services from Poland on the rise

- 09 June 2020 - EN

The value of Polish export of modern services is higher than car parts, furniture, meat products and household appliances .

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Warning unemployment fraud

- 01 June 2020 - EN

Thousands of Washington state residents identities were used by criminals seeking to capitalize on a flood of legitimate unemployment claims by sneaking in fraudulent ones.

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Spike in flat sales raises fraud suspicions

- 21 May 2020 - EN

In Hong Kong was noted a suspicious increase in the purchase of apartments at a price of the upper limit of favorable mortgage conditions.

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Increasing risk of ‘friendly fraud’ toward small businesses

- 13 May 2020 - EN

Small businesses should brace for a rise in “friendly fraud.” Learn more about the risk and how to prevent it.

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The international crackdown on art trafficking that will go down in history

- 08 May 2020 - EN

As a result of Athena II and Pandora IV operations, 101 suspects have been arrested, and 300 investigations opened as part of this coordinated crackdown.

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Conscience spoke through cybercriminals(?)

- 28 April 2020 - EN

After closing all their operations and releasing over 750,000 decryption keys people from Shade Ransomware apologized to their victims for the harm they cause.

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Fraud prevention for business continuity

- 22 April 2020 - EN

Due diligence verification of potential suppliers, subcontractors, or other business partners. Research based on financial records of a subject company but also integrated investigation, audit, and review.

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