Author: Kamil Pastuszka

£19 million shortfall in fraud investigation uncovered

- 29 June 2020 - fraud investigation

Lookers (a car dealership chain) has uncovered a £19m shortfall in its accounts over several years as part of a fraud investigation that led to last week’s clear-out of the UK car dealer’s board. Overstated bonuses and “fraudulent expense claims” were discovered, and a draft report from Grant Thornton identified areas requiring “behavioural and cultural” […]

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79 people arrested in the Global Airline Action Days

- 28 November 2019 - EN

The air fraudsters were suspected of travelling with airline tickets purchased using stolen, unauthorised or falsified credit card data.

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Another country to be covered by the Project Zero by Amazon

- 14 November 2019 - EN

Amazon plans to cover another country, this time India, in the so-called Project Zero. The program fights against dishonest sellers trading counterfeit products

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Defence corporation lost 4 million PLN due to a hacker attack

- 17 October 2019 - EN

Cenzin, a military equipment trading company, was the victim of international fraud. The fraud was based on sending a false invoice to the company by electronic means, which resembled an invoice issued by a Czech company

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Payroll processing company’s CEO accused of committing 70 million USD fraud

- 24 September 2019 - EN

On Monday, the CEO and owner of a payroll processing company was arrested and charged with committing $70 million fraud. Michael Mann headed “the cloud-based payroll-and-HR service” company – MyPayrollHR, that was handling payrolls for about 1000 small businesses in the United States. He was accused of illegal acquisition of millions from banks and other […]

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Polish special services thwarted an attempt of a large scale amber smuggling

- 16 September 2019 - EN

On September 13, 2019, as part of a special operation, officers of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau (Centralne Biuro Antykorupcyjne, CBA) detained 6 people, including two Ukrainian citizens claiming to be officers of the Ukrainian special services. The special operation conducted by the CBA concerns smuggling large amounts of amber on the territory of Poland. According […]

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North Korea has gained nearly $2 billion from cyber-attacks to develop weapons of mass destruction

- 08 August 2019 - EN

Reuters has managed to reach a confidential UN report which shows that North Korea used cyberspace to launch attacks on financial institutions and cryptocurrency exchange. According to the authors of the report, the stolen funds were to finance a programme for the development of weapons of mass destruction. The total amount of income generated in […]

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Italian authorities stopped a case of international carousel fraud

- 05 July 2019 - EN

According to the EU, carousel fraud, an international method of VAT evasion leads to losses of around EUR 50 billion in total per year.

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Money laundering charges against Jeronimo Martins employees

- 13 June 2019 - EN

Ten Jeronimo Martins employees have been charged by the Portuguese Prosecutor’s Office. Among them, there is a high-level Polish worker. The Polish Press Agency refers to the Portuguese media, which informs that the investigation was initiated by the authorities of the Jeronimo Martins group. Ten people have been charged, four of them have been detained. […]

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