Category: fraud investigation

Record levels of benefit fraud in the UK

- 13 May 2021 - fraud investigation

Fraud levels in England, Wales and Scotland reached a historic high, with universal credit fraud up five percentage points to nearly 13%, denting ministerial expectations that the scheme would deliver an annual £1.3bn reduction in benefit fraud by 2025. Universal credit accounted for £6bn of the estimated £8.5bn of “overpaid” benefits in 2020-21, the figures […]

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How small businesses can avoid fraud?

- 09 April 2021 - fraud investigation

Business fraud is a serious issue that could bring down a company, no matter its size. It occurs when a person or a company commits dishonest and illegal acts that result in a financial gain for that person or organization. Business fraud can often be hidden and appear to be a legitimate business interaction. Do […]

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Bulgaria accused of 6 million EUR police vehicle fraud involving EU cash

- 02 February 2021 - fraud investigation

Investigators have called for a criminal probe to be opened into officials at Bulgaria’s interior ministry for alleged “abuse of power” after the alert by the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF). The officials are accused of using EU money to purchase new vehicles for the police. The contract was for the delivery and maintenance of 290 […]

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First arrests for alleged fraud in the UK Covid support schemes

- 05 November 2020 - EN, fraud investigation

In the UK, six arrests have been made over alleged fraud in two government support schemes designed to help businesses hit by Covid-19. HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) said three men had been arrested on suspicion of fraud linked to the “eat out to help out” discount scheme, introduced in August by the chancellor, Rishi […]

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£19 million shortfall in fraud investigation uncovered

- 29 June 2020 - fraud investigation

Lookers (a car dealership chain) has uncovered a £19m shortfall in its accounts over several years as part of a fraud investigation that led to last week’s clear-out of the UK car dealer’s board. Overstated bonuses and “fraudulent expense claims” were discovered, and a draft report from Grant Thornton identified areas requiring “behavioural and cultural” […]

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