Corporate Intelligence

Detailed research of companies and business partners is an activity that allows entrepreneurs to avoid risky investments with uncertain entrepreneurs, and make the right decisions reducing the risk to a minimum.

Corporate intelligence is a great tool for checking and analyzing the credibility of clients and potential partners, assessment of competition activities or chances for success of new business ideas. The service consists of using public sources (OSINT – Open-source intelligence), as well as obtained from the researched companies or third parties (HUMINT – Human Intelligence).

As part of our activities, we are able to obtain detailed data on finance, debt, real beneficiaries, history of operations, customers, development plans, etc.

In the scope of Corporate Intelligence, we implement, among others the following activities:

  • verification of information on companies and individuals,
  • property assessment and reports,
  • business analysis and information,
  • competition analysis – OSINT and HUMINT,
  • Due Diligence analysis,
  • identification of hidden defects in the subject of the investment,
  • analysis of competition activities, procedures and products,
  • detailed reports on a given topic,
  • market research and analysis,
  • market intelligence,
  • mystery client research.

In our activities, we use a variety of data acquisition techniques, including white intelligence and detective methods. We use specialized databases, analyses and we examine the course of business processes. The services offered by us in the field of the Corporate Intelligence are intended to help Clients manage the company safely.

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