Defence corporation lost 4 million PLN due to a hacker attack

Cenzin, the country’s best-known state-owned arms and military equipment trading company, was the victim of international fraud in 2018. The media first reported on this matter in early 2019, but now the information was officially confirmed by Deputy Head of the Ministry of National Defence Wojciech Skurkiewicz. As a result of a hacker attack, the company Cenzin was scammed for 4 million zlotys.

The Deputy Minister explained that in addition to Cenzin, the Czech supplier company was deceived. The fraud was based on sending a false invoice to the company by electronic means, which resembled an invoice issued by a Czech company. As a result of the fraud, the money was transferred to an unauthorised entity in Turkey. The case is under investigation.

The deputy head of the Ministry of National Defence referred to the case after a question asked by Michał Kamiński, a member of the Polish Parliament, yesterday.

- 17 October 2019 - EN