Due diligence reports

Due Diligence is nothing else but a thorough and comprehensive examination of the company. They are the essence of our services.

The need to conduct this kind of research may arise both during establishing business relations with a new entity, as well as during verification of existing customers, subcontractors, business partners, outsourcing companies, etc. The aim of the research may also be a multi-level verification of a company being the subject of an investment or a participant in a tender procedure.

Investigative Due Diligence Reports are dedicated to small and medium enterprises as well as international corporations, investors, investment funds and business angels.

During Due Diligence, our experts identify the so-called “red flags”, i.e. the potential risk of cooperation with a given entity and its key persons. These include e.g:

•  unethical, non-transparent relations,

•  the existence of legal problems,

•  reports of corruption, mismanagement, conflict of interest, etc.

•  problems with timely payment of receivables,

•  political affiliations,

•  unstable financial condition of the company,

•  media reports presenting the company or its key persons in a negative way,

•  and many others.

Reports are prepared on the basis of both open sources and databases with limited access. Striving for the highest level of accuracy, our Due Diligence services are created with the use of information also from personal sources (HUMINT) and on the basis of activities of the private investigator.

Thanks to the relationships built up over the years, we can offer you a check of companies and individuals almost all over the world.

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