Fraud prevention for business continuity

Due diligence - fraud prevention

Even in regular conditions and surroundings, fraud is a fact of business life for every industry. While most companies are only partially prepared to address fraud, only a few are already prepared for the harsh conditions of the increasing risk.

The trend over the past decade toward increasing fraud and money laundering has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. All businesses are forced now to focus their energy to manage through the crisis. For each company and especially for those already balancing on a thin line, it has never been so important to avoid losses due to fraudulent activity.

One of the effective measures is to perform due diligence verification of potential suppliers, subcontractors, or other business partners. While making a decision in these challenging times, it is essential to base them on reliable and solid information. Due diligence reports are not only based on financial records of a subject company but also on integrated investigation, audit, and review. Each activity is individualized for the needs of an industry and a specific case of examination.

Verificators provides due diligence reports and other business intelligence services verifying companies in Poland and worldwide. We understand the matter of obligatory due diligence procedures as well as the preventive practices to assure the safety and well-being of an organization.

- 22 April 2020 - EN