Fraudsters laundered 25 million PLN in Poland

12 people heard allegations of laundering PLN 25 million obtained from the illegal import of diesel oil to Poland. Four suspects were detained.; they face up to 10 years in prison.

According to a police statement, in recent months, 12 people were detained in this case – 8 men and 4 women aged 24-64. On February 11, police arrested a 35-year-old man who was supposed to be in charge of the procedure and the group.

All detainees have heard allegations of so-called money laundering, which consists of including money, securities, or other values derived from a crime or participating in committing it into legal transactions. According to the findings, members of the group “washed out” over PLN 25 million obtained from placing on the market without excise duty diesel fuel imported to Poland from abroad.

The police came across criminal indicators in February 2018. Reportedly, a woman came to police officers from the Provincial Police Headquarters in Poznań, who reported that someone was probably impersonating her company and sending out offers for the sale of fuel. The proposal did not match her company details, such as the bank account number for transfers of receivables and contact email addresses.

Police officers from the Department for Combating Economic Crime and the Investigation Department in Poznań have determined the owner of a bank account and fuel recipients. As it turned out, they were companies from all over the country that had paid tens of millions of zlotys to an agreed bank account. The money transferred to the account was immediately withdrawn and extracted by people from several provinces.

Krzysztof N., 35, as the head of the group, faces up to 15 years imprisonment. Other suspects may be imprisoned for up to 10 years.

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- 26 February 2020 - EN