Hilarious and Creative Scam in Poland

Flooding your own warehouses or cheating yourself. These are just some of the methods used by the businessmen from Olsztyn to obtain almost 3 million PLN from contractors and insurance companies. They are now facing the sentence of up to 8 years in prison. Four people implicated in this fraud were arrested.

Fraudsters – in order to inspire trust – made several purchases, for which they paid on time. They knew the professional terminology and made an impression of  serious business partners. In the end, they fraudulently failed to fulfil their contracts.

The fraudsters were very well versed in the new technologies, so they acted practically anonymously. They often exchanged money for bitcoins. The second way of cheating was completely different and far more creative. Entrepreneurs insured themselves against financial losses in the actions of dishonest contractors. Finally, they set up new companies, which allegedly bought goods from the insured and did not pay. There were documents and invoices as well as a dishonest contractor. This granted them the compensation from the insurer in the amount of 255 000 PLN.

Fraudsters bought property policies and then arranged flooding of the warehouses where the goods were located. Usually these were clothes which value was artificially inflated by means of forged invoices. In this way, further 1.7 million PLN was stolen. However, further activity was prevented by police officers who stopped the fraudsters.

- 12 February 2019 - EN