How to obtain information about Polish company?

Company research in Poland

You’ve got an interesting cooperation offer from a Polish entity, but would like to make sure that your potential business partner is a registered and active entrepreneur? Looking for information on contractors, you will probably find many offers of commercial companies offering services for obtaining data on the activities of business entities. The decision to use these services is up to you.

If you are interested in doing your own research, in Poland, there are plenty of publicly available sources that provide information on a commercial basis free of charge.

For extensive searches, the Verificatotrs experts can gather the necessary information. Individuals who want to open a Polish company are advised to do market research: useful both in terms of knowing the existing competitors on the market but also to find information about other companies and thus avoid any misunderstandings like trademark violations.

Identifying a Polish company

Polish companies, irrespective of their type, are assigned a series of numbers by the relevant authorities that makes them possible to be identified. Entrepreneurs who want to obtain information about Polish companies can access the public database of the Polish registration authorities and find out essential details about a particular company.

If you have basic data of the company you are interested in (name, NIP, REGON, KRS number), you can easily and quickly check it via the Internet using publicly available registers. Remember that the records of the entity you are interested in will depend on the type of activity.

– Companies of natural persons (sole proprietorship and partners of civil law partnerships) can be found in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity (CEIDG)

– Commercial law companies (including limited liability companies, general partnerships) can be found in the National Court Register

– Civil law partnerships (in case if you don’t find current data in CEIDG) you will find in the REGON register.

What information be found in CEIDG?

 In the entrepreneur’s entry in CEIDG, you will find information such as:

– date of commencement of activities;
– address;
– email (if not restricted);
– status (active, suspended);
– types of economic activity;
– proxy details;
– civil law partnerships in which the entrepreneur is a partner.

What’s important to notice while Verifying a contractor based on the entry in the National Court Register?

– Manner of representation – both of the proxy and his powers as well as partners in partnerships/board members in capital companies (to know who can effectively sign the contract).

– In the case of companies with share capital, share capital (to know the maximum amount of liability for liabilities).

– Information on opening liquidation (this indicates submission of an application for the liquidation of the entity, and consequently removal from the Register and cessation of activity).

– Information on the dates of submission of financial statements (as a rule, once a calendar year the company is required to submit such a report – failure to comply with this obligation may or may not indicate the dishonest intentions of the company – it may be a figure or a disappearing taxpayer).

The REGON register is the search engine of the National Register of National Economy Entities (REGON), maintained by the Central Statistical Office where also can be found information on national entrepreneurs. Among others, there are recorded data of civil law partnerships that couldn’t be found in CEIDG.

Further steps of research:

The tax portal of the Polish Ministry of Finance allows:

–       checking if the contractor is an active VAT payer (the list only shows the current status of a VAT payer) – Sprawdź podmiot w VAT
–       checking if the tax identification number (NIP) is correct, annulled, repealed or does not exist. – Sprawdź NIP
–       List of entities registered as VAT taxpayers, unregistered as well as deleted and restored to the VAT register

The above databases are just the tip of a much higher list of resources available. To estimate the credibility of an entity and people related you might be interested in accessing the annual financial statements, search debt registers, official business links and others.

Verificators can help you obtain information about your business partners in Poland. You can contact our team at any time if you have more questions.

- 17 June 2020 - EN