Integrity Due Diligence

Incorporating third party organizations – which includes contractors, suppliers, vendors, distributors, or even buyers – into a business network requires a careful balance of speed and attention to detail. You probably know best that you should never establish cooperation without conducting appropriate market research and verification of the entity.

By undertaking the verification on yourself, in a hurry, you might skip relevant factors or information. Yet, by devoting yourself to thorough checking, you could lose valuable time, so important while negotiating.

With access to specialized databases and a strong network of agents and lawyers around the world, we can provide you with precise help, support and advice. Our Due Diligence reports are created based on both open sources and databases with limited access. Striving for the highest level of diligence, we provide services using information from personal sources (HUMINT) and based on detective activities tailored to your needs and situation.

What is Due Diligence service?

During Due Diligence, our experts identify the so-called “red flags”, i.e. the potential risk of cooperation with a given entity and its key persons. These include e.g:

  • unethical, non-transparent relations,
  • the existence of legal problems,
  • reports of corruption, mismanagement, conflict of interest, etc.
  • problems with timely payment of receivables,
  • political affiliations,
  • unstable financial condition of the company,
  • media reports presenting the company or its key persons in a negative way,
  • and many others.

For the purposes of the Integrity Due Diligence check in Poland, the Verificators team identifies data into 6 main categories:

  • The ultimate beneficial owner of the entity identification – provides information, who has hands-on the entity which might be your next business partner, so you can be sure that the owner plays fair and square
  • International and domestic corporate structure analysis – have an insight on whether and where the audited company might transfer its profits or be involved in suspicious activity, the analysis provides the perspective on links inside the corporate structure
  • Sanctions investigation – enables you to mitigate the risk of involving in business with the persons connected to organized crime, terrorism
  • Politically Exposed Persons research – determines any possible links of company owners, executives, or managers to people, who are actively involved in politics or their existence in the company
  • Financial data analysis – discover red flags in the financial statements of the audited company as you do not want to involve in business with bankrupt-to-be
  • Regulatory alert – due to fast-changing law and regulations you need the certainty that your third-party will not have problems in providing you its products and services

Benefits of carrying out Integrity Due Diligence:

For all types of Due Diligence, the benefits far outweigh the costs. Thanks to the professional examination of the entity with due diligence you will:

  • get information that will help you decide whether to start or quit the project;
  • reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings;
  • reduce the risk of financial losses;
  • reduce the chances of an unpleasant surprise after a merger or a takeover of a business;
  • simplify the checkout process;
  • take care of your and your investments’ safety and reputation;
  • know the status and solvency of your clients;
  • be able to define a realistic plan and expectations for the new collaboration;
  • maintain commitment and safe relationships with employees, suppliers and customers.

How to conduct Integrity Due Diligence in Europe?

We can verify information about potential contractors or find debtors’ from abroad with main focus in Central and Eastern Europe countries. On a daily basis, we can conduct research in European countries including Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.  We are present also in Scandinavian countries, as well as in West Europe states such as Spain and Portugal.

For a full range of our coverage you can see: Verificators – Worldwide coverage

Save time on research and make more informed business decisions.

Integrity Due Diligence for business - Verificators

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