Over 40 individuals arrested in ‘courier fraud’ crackdown

UK police have instigated a country-wide crackdown on so-called “courier fraud”, which involves scammers posing as bank officials or members of the police to trick victims into handing over their savings. Reportedly, 44 individuals were arrested across England and Wales between November and January as part of Operation Radium, a campaign mounted by the UK’s National Economic Crime Centre (NECC) against scams that have deprived victims of some 12m GBP over the past two years.

One Dorset-based victim lost more than 975,000 GBP to the scam in October last year, according to police. In November, a 74-year-old victim handed over 400,000 GBP to scammers and an 80-year-old gave away 190,000 GBP.

Courier fraud involves victims — most commonly women over the age of 80 — being contacted by fraudsters claiming to be from a police force or bank and persuaded to hand over bank cards, Pin numbers or money to someone pretending to be a courier, who appears at their home.

The fraud is believed to be widely under-reported, but according to the City of London Police, more than 3,000 people were duped by courier fraud between 2018 and 2020, with numbers rising sharply in the last six months.

There is a moderate risk that new fraudsters will adopt the technique, and cases of courier fraud will continue to appear. For this, it is essential to learn how to protect ourselves and prevent loss. If the crime has already happened, for the most effective assets recovery, it is crucial to inform as soon as possible police and seek professional help.

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- 06 February 2020 - EN