The potential boom in counterfeit goods

Recent reports from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) indicate an increasing number of counterfeit goods. The surge is likely to be a result of continuing trade war between the U.S. and China and might grow over the medium term.
The USA Congress has been warned that tariffs could increase costs and drain resources available to fight illegal counterfeits. Consumers may knowingly or unknowingly seek counterfeit goods as legitimate goods become more expensive.
The growing challenge for officers is what is known as “super fakes,” or counterfeits that appear to be so real it is hard to tell it is an impostor. To decipher and detect counterfeit is necessary to imply extra sources of expertise. It has become a bigger issue since 3D printing became more popular. Often it is needed to bring into the investigation a particular brand in and have their experts look at it to tell if this was real or an illicit product.
Responsibility for prevention stays on the side of a brand rather than consumers, who are likely to go after the lowest price. When the fake products are so similar to the original, but their quality is incomparable lower, it is also likely to affect the trade name’s reviews. For brands, the best way to protect yourself is to use a monitoring service.

Prepared by: AM, Verivicators

- 14 March 2019 - EN