Scammers target lonely-hearts

The number of victims of dating frauds is spiking. According to Fraud Help Desk, in 2019, they were scammed of a total of 3 744 300 EUR, almost double the 1,651,769 EUR stolen from dating fraud victims two years ago.

On average, victims were scammed out of 14,457 EUR. The actual amount of damage may be higher, as the report refers only to victims that reached to Fraud Help Desk. Women are more likely to be cheated than men. The fraudsters often take advantage of others’ emotions and sensitivity. By persecuting divorced or widowed people, they present themselves as someone in need of human contact.

The scammers usually state that they are British or American expats posted abroad and request that the money be transferred to foreign bank accounts. Many victims cannot recover the lost money because the fraudsters are based overseas and cannot be traced. But this does not have to be the case for everyone.

It is crucial to react and seek professional help. There is no need to be ashamed. In the end, it is the fraudster who should be ashamed of his/her actions. By responsible reaction to the damage, you can not only recover your financial loss but protect other potential victims from further mistakes.

Verificators is a company specialized in identifying and tracking assets around the world. On behalf of a Client, we carry out investigative and legal activities aimed at the recovery of receivables, regardless of the country where the debtor and his assets are located. Gathered proofs and materials can be used as official evidence in court.

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- 21 January 2020 - EN