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Private investigator services together with analytical activities and business intelligence are often an indispensable tool supporting the lawyers’ everyday work. Verificators provides support at every stage, from obtaining photocopies of National Court Register (KRS) files, through detective observations to assistance, and searching for evidence. Our support will help to win a case in court, including a resumption of proceedings discontinued or ended with a negative sentence.

Reports prepared by Verificators may be used as evidence in the case, as well as may serve as information building a negotiating advantage for the party.

We have gained experience through years of cooperation with law firms. We know the needs of supporting services for the legal market.

We present examples of Verificators’ possibilities dedicated to lawyers, in particular to legal advisors, lawyers, internal legal departments in companies as well as tax advisors, patent advisers, and compliance officers:

Acquiring photocopies of the National Court Register files from all courts in Poland.

·  Establishing the address for correspondence (deliveries).

·  Searching for people in hiding.

·  Detection of unethical and unlawful behaviour.

·  Determining links between individuals, companies and other entities.

·  Disclosure and documentation of the assets held by a debtor.

·  Support for bailiff’s work, searching for unrecorded assets.

·  Analysis of a company’s current financial situation and the actual scale of its business.

·  Collecting evidence from a civil or criminal matter.

·  Surveillance.

·  Due diligence reports on contractors.

·  Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Services

·  Analytical reports on the process opponent (business/political links, media/industry opinions).

The above actions are just examples – many projects implemented by Verificators combine the features of several of the mentioned points as tailor-made services for the client’s needs.

In addition, we offer our support also outside of Poland – Worldwide coverage

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