Services from Poland on the rise

Business Services Center

Export value from polish service centres record dynamic growth, and now has entered the next level of development.

In 2019, the value of exports of the modern business services sector amounted to USD 19.8 billion. In 2009 it was USD 5 billion, so for 11 years, the average annual dynamics exceeded 20 per cent. At the same time, the average employment growth rate was 10.1 per cent. Modern business services are becoming a Polish export specialization – says dr hab. Tomasz Brodzicki,

The value of export of modern services is higher than car parts (USD 16.2 billion), furniture (USD 12.3 billion), meat products (USD 7.7 billion) and household appliances (USD 6.9 billion). In the export of commercial services, which include tourist, transport and medical, business numbers are increasing: in 2005 they accounted for 10%, currently over 27.5%.

Polish services from the technology sector are recognized by market competitiveness, rich resources of know-how and a large number of specialists.

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- 09 June 2020 - EN