The development of technology constantly strives to miniaturize electronic devices, which increases popularity and facilitates access to eavesdropping and mini-cameras. Media increasingly report on the use of such devices in politics and business. Data acquisition has never been simpler and easier than it is now.

Increasing risks require special care, and inattention can be catastrophic in its consequences. The victim of eavesdropping is exposed to the risk of losing competitive advantage, disclosing strategic information, and also to the risk of disseminating personal data, which may directly contribute to reputation problems. Such threats concern public persons as well as business people and their enterprises. Each of these elements leads to financial losses and affects the image of a victim.

How to detect a wiretap?

We provide effective protection against uncontrolled acquisition and dissemination of confidential information. Our team guarantees the highest quality of services in the field of wiretapping and camera detection. To check the space we use:

•  detectors of eavesdropping devices and spy cameras;
•  signal detectors for signals emitted from surveillance equipment;
•  physical examination methods.

The key to success and ensuring a safe working environment and meeting space is diligence and precision, which we guarantee when performing anti-eavesdropping tests. Our team has a unique set of tools to allow for a thorough check of the examined area.

Who’s especially vulnerable to wiretapping?

If you have access to confidential information due to your position, there is a greater risk that someone may be eavesdropping you. Teams working on strategic projects or with access to company secrets are also at increased risk. That is why our service consists of a multidimensional, thorough and exhaustive check. The benefits of using this type of protection include confidence in the company’s operations, effective avoidance of potential crises and better protection of information of strategic matter. Crucial for preventive measures is to carry out such activities on a regular basis.

The places most exposed to wiretapping

It is especially recommended to carry out eavesdropping detection tests in new, recently renovated or rooms not used for a long period of time. Conference or meeting rooms where key decisions are taken or discussed are also highly vulnerable to eavesdropping. This also applies to rooms that are accessible to outsiders. It is worth to remember that a comprehensive test of the spaces most vulnerable to illegal audio and video recording is essential for doing business with ensured information security. We also offer the possibility of conducting a survey of your phone, vehicle or computer.

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