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Verificators – Polish corporate intelligence and private investigation agency with a global reach. We support our Clients in making decisions based on found and verified information.
Our services come in handy especially for law firms, investment funds, manufacturing companies, importers and exporters, and private investigation agencies, among others.

    Check the basis,

    on which you build your success!

    Take appropriate risks

    We help entrepreneurs to reduce their business risks by verifying and providing relevant information.

    • We collect, verify and analyse information
    • We reduce uncertainty and manage the security of companies involved in domestic and international business transactions

    Our key services

    identification of assets

    The search for and identification of debtors’ assets outside Poland is one of the key services provided by Verificators.

    Services for lawyers

    We are at the disposal in complex cases where every piece of information and evidence is at a premium.

    Due diligence

    We help entrepreneurs and managers make decisions on the basis of provided and verified information.

    Corporate Intelligence

    We verify and analyze credibility of customers, subcontractors and also potential business partners or competitors.


    Bug sweeping and effective protection against uncontrolled acquisition and dissemination of confidential information.

    Private Investigator

    Private investigation, due diligence, private detective and background check services in Poland.

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