Detective services

Every case entrusted to a detective requires individual methods of operation. Verificators’ team of experienced specialists will advise on the best solution, and then conduct the investigation discreetly and provide information. We guarantee full commitment and discretion, and we prioritize privacy and security.

Individual approach

We use high-quality detective equipment and innovative technologies in our work. This allows us to provide you with reliable and verified information and evidence materials. Detective Warsaw

Detektyw Warszawa

What can we do for you as part of our detective services?

We operate throughout Poland and are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Observation of individuals / places / property

You can request observation of a person, group of people, place, object, or vehicle.

Human intelligence (HUMINT)

 interview about an individual / legal entity We gather information about the actions or plans of a person, their relationships with other individuals or institutions, as well as their past and financial situation.

Verification of information about a person

Using various sources of information such as databases, state registers, and environmental intelligence, we verify information about a particular person.

Determination of actual whereabouts

We locate a person whose current place of residence is unknown or difficult to determine.

Search for missing / hiding persons

The search for a person may involve finding a long-lost family member, re-establishing contact with a former partner, or locating a person in hiding, for example, for child support enforcement.

Verification of breach of non-competition agreement

Verificators detectives verify whether a person complies with the provisions of a non-competition agreement.

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What else can we do for you?

Detective and intelligence services are commonly used by companies that suspect their business partners or competitors of acting dishonestly or illegally. Ultimately, the decision to use detective services depends on the specific situation in which the company finds itself. If there are serious suspicions that something is amiss, it's worth considering the assistance of professionals like Verificators. Some of the most common situations in which companies decide to use our services include:

Do you need the help of a detective?

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