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Our Vision

The motto of our company is “Take control, start managing risk”. We believe that proper risk management is a key element of success for any business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs achieve success by providing reliable and up-to-date information that allows for the minimization of risks associated with decision-making.

We believe that in today’s rapidly changing business world, making informed and thoughtful decisions based on reliable and timely information is crucial. The information we provide to our clients enables them to have a better understanding of the business environment in which their company operates, as well as the internal workings of their organization, and thus enables them to control risks. Individual approach to each client is a standard for us, as every company is unique and has its own specific needs.

We strive to be a leader in the industry, with a focus on educating and raising awareness among our clients about the crucial role that information plays in the lifecycle of a business. It is important that the information is reliable, up-to-date, and delivered on time, so that its utilization is as effective as possible.

We are not only here to acquire information, but also to protect the information that may be crucial for the proper functioning of our clients’ organizations. We make every effort to understand our clients’ realities, assess risks, predict possible anomalies, and prevent information leaks.

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Our History

We are a professional business intelligence agency and detective agency providing a wide range of security services. We specialize in asset investigations, detection of wiretaps, open-source intelligence (OSINT) analysis, physical penetration testing (compliance projects), as well as litigation support and evidence gathering.

We are a team of experts who discreetly (the company holds ISO 27001:2013 certification) and effectively help clients solve various business-related problems. Our security services cover a wide range of activities, from business intelligence to OSINT analysis, to physical investigations and surveillance.

Our IT specialists have the necessary tools and knowledge to conduct effective cyber investigations. The collected data is then analyzed by our experts, who interpret the information and organize it into a logical sequence, resulting in a high-level report for the client. Verificators Sp. z o.o. makes every effort to provide our clients with relevant, reliable, and up-to-date information.

We are convinced that privacy and information security are very important topics for our clients. In response to these needs, we offer services for detecting wiretaps and compliance advisory. We strive to always provide our services at the highest level.

We offer due diligence support services that allow our clients to thoroughly screen their business partners, thus protecting them against the risk of dishonest practices or undesirable consequences of cooperation.

We believe that our knowledge and experience are key to providing our clients with comprehensive and professional litigation support. Providing evidence is one of our main objectives, so we always ensure the accuracy and currency of the information gathered.

With our experience and professional approach, we are able to assist our clients in any situation. We guarantee full discretion and individual approach to each client. We are confident that our services will help you protect your interests and achieve success in business.

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