Business Intelligence

Economic intelligence is the process of seeking, acquiring, and analyzing information that can be useful to various economic entities. In practice, such information is used in the decision-making process.

What is economic intelligence?

Our actions are aimed at obtaining valuable and useful data for the Client. We rely on necessary experience, appropriately selected sources, and technology in this process. An important characteristic of business intelligence is its legality, therefore each of our actions is thoroughly considered. Acquisition, collection, and processing of gathered material are done in accordance with universal ethics and the law.

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What can we do for you as part of business intelligence?

Through business intelligence, we can provide you with valuable information about the market, competition, and trends. This will allow you to make more informed business decisions. Trust us and leverage our knowledge to increase the effectiveness of your operations!

Due Diligence Report

We support in exercising due diligence in the process of selecting and verifying business partners, contractors, and suppliers.

Contractor Verification

We verify the financial condition and reputation of potential contractors, contributing to minimizing the risk associated with establishing cooperation.

Competitive Analysis

When planning the next investment or introducing a new product to the market, it is beneficial to understand its market conditions, prevailing trends, customer purchasing preferences, and competitive hierarchy.

Report on Foreign Companies

The collected information about foreign entities assists clients in their decision-making process regarding entering into or rejecting cooperation.

Debtor Asset Determination

We help locate and document the actual assets of debtors, facilitating the work of bailiffs and aiding in debt recovery.

Personnel Verification

Establishing true identity, financial status, place of residence, relationships, and affiliations are tasks that we carry out for our clients.

Do you need assistance with business intelligence?

What does business intelligence provide?

By using Verificators' business intelligence service, you can:

In the case of preventive actions based on business intelligence, you can identify threats and assess risks. Our reports provide entrepreneurs with an understanding of the market situation and factors that shape it.

Based on reliable business intelligence, clients can plan their next steps and make informed decisions. Such actions allow for quick responses to emerging situations and long-term forecasting to determine the company’s strategy.

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Kamil Pastuszka

Co-Founder Verificators

How do we support our Clients?

Verificators is a Polish business intelligence and detective agency with a global reach. We offer a range of activities to support our clients at every stage of the decision-making process. The key to our actions is acquiring and verifying information. By listening to the needs of our Clients, we understand their situation, plans, and problems. Based on the obtained information, we are able to propose and prepare a comprehensive plan for business intelligence. We work with specialized databases, analyze the collected material, looking for subtle connections or business relationships, and examine the course of economic processes. Our research and analysis are often aimed at identifying the source of losses or threats to the organization, thereby significantly reducing the risk of negative consequences of decision-making. We conduct precise actions, based on which a report is created, including details of the investigated case. The materials included in the report are obtained in a reliable manner, then verified and presented in a clear way, reducing the time needed to familiarize oneself with them. The form of the prepared report, the scope of information contained in it, and the arrangement and organization of data aim to best illustrate the results of the conducted business intelligence.

As part of business intelligence, we obtain detailed data on financing, indebtedness, ultimate beneficiaries, business history, clients, development plans, etc. We use various techniques to access the desired information, including open-source intelligence (OSINT) and detective methods. Our business intelligence services are designed to help clients safely manage their companies.

When to Use Economic Investigation?

It is advisable to conduct an economic investigation in any situation where decisions are made regarding critical areas for the organization’s functioning. Examples of such situations may include strategic partnerships, entering a new market, launching a new location, modernizing processes to eliminate competition advantage, hiring new personnel for high-level positions, etc. It is necessary to consider who we are really cooperating with and carefully examine suppliers and subcontractors. When planning to establish cooperation with other entities, it is recommended to verify the capital and personal ties of the potential contractor, among others.

Verifying a company is also an important element before making a decision to acquire a company or invest in a particular project. These activities are associated with the risk of acquiring the poor reputation of the entity being acquired.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure about the history and opinions of both the company and individuals directly involved in its activities.

Another common problem is the violation of non-competition clauses. This occurs when an employee does not comply with the provisions of a signed non-competition agreement and decides, for example, to start a business with a profile similar or identical to the entry in the National Court Register (KRS) of their current or former employer, establishing business relationships with their key contractors, breaching confidentiality clauses, or bribing specialized employees. Each of these actions can result in financial loss and disruption of the company’s functioning.

As part of the conducted investigation, we provide evidence that supports the employer or confirms the transparency of the employee’s actions.

Do you need assistance with business intelligence?

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