Litigation support

Do you need professional support for your law office, but lack time to perfect every detail of your cases?

We offer procedural support services dedicated to you and other legal professionals, such as legal advisors, attorneys, in-house legal departments in companies, as well as tax advisors, patent attorneys, or compliance officers.

We will support you at every stage, from obtaining photocopies of court registry documents, through detective observations, to specialized actions in the field of forensic informatics. Do you need solid evidence and verified information, or perhaps you are seeking to reopen a closed case or a case that ended with a negative verdict?

How do we support lawyers during the process?

Whether it’s a straightforward path to winning a case or complex and intricate actions, the support of Verificators’ economic intelligence will come in handy.

Wsparcie procesowe wywiad gospodarczy

What can we do for you as part of procedural support?

With us, you have full support of detectives in search of evidence, analysts who will process the collected materials, and field employees who will collect documents, review court registry files, and provide you with photocopies of them.

Determination of correspondence (service) address

We support lawyers during court proceedings by determining the correct address for correspondence or service.

Establishing connections between individuals and entities

We collect and analyze information from various sources to identify connections between different entities.

Search for hidden assets

Verificators’ detectives search for current and hidden assets of debtors in Poland and abroad, based on a network of connections with trusted detective agencies and law firms.

Analysis of actual business activity

We gather and analyze information to assess the financial condition of a company, its financial history, market trends, as well as determine profitability and prospects for the company’s development.

Search for witnesses of events

We search for witnesses to obtain credible and reliable information about the course of a specific event.

Obtaining photocopies of court registry documents

We obtain photocopies of court registry documents from all courts in Poland.

Do you need support during the legal process?

When to use Verificators' litigation support?

Take a look at our wide range of dedicated services for lawyers! You'll find many solutions that can help you in your everyday work!

Do you need help with litigation support?

Verificators' team will create a tailored package for you, combining features from several of the above points to suit your needs.

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