Investigative audit

Forensic audit is a type of audit conducted to determine the causes or circumstances related to suspicions of irregularities or abuses in a company or organization.

What is a Iinvestigative audit?

The purpose of a forensic audit is typically to detect irregularities or abuses in a company or organization, such as fraud, theft, corruption, leaks of confidential information, financial irregularities, and other legal violations. Forensic audit may involve conducting investigations, interviewing witnesses, analyzing documents and other materials, and sources of information.

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What can we do for you as part of a investigative audit?

The results of a forensic audit are typically used for preventing future abuses and prosecuting individuals responsible for irregularities.

Digital forensics

Forensic IT specialists from Verificators collect and analyze data from computer systems, mobile devices, social media, email, and computer networks.

Background check of suspicious individuals

We obtain information about a person’s history and background in order to confirm or exclude their involvement in irregularities or crimes.

Detective surveillance

Verificators detectives discreetly track suspicious individuals to gather evidence about their activities or behaviors.

Clarification interviews

We conduct interviews with individuals involved in irregularities or crimes in order to obtain detailed information about their actions or behaviors.


Evidence collection

We gather evidence that may confirm or refute suspicions of irregularities or crimes within a company or organization.

Detection of eavesdropping devices

Our specialists determine whether there are any devices present in a particular location or on the premises of an individual or legal entity that are used for unauthorized recording of conversations or other types of communication.

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What else can we do for you?

Forensic auditing is an investigative process aimed at gathering information and evidence related to a specific event or crime. It is a comprehensive examination that primarily involves analyzing documents, interviews, physical and electronic traces, as well as interrogating witnesses. Some of the activities included in forensic auditing are:

Do you need assistance with investigative audit?

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