Technical security

Technical security in the context of counterintelligence refers to a set of technical actions and measures aimed at protecting against espionage and other unwanted activities that may compromise the privacy or security of a company or institution.

What is technical security service?

Technical security, in the context of counterintelligence, is particularly important for companies and institutions that handle important and confidential information or engage in discussions on business, political, or strategic topics. Therefore, in order to protect against espionage, it is necessary to implement comprehensive and effective technical solutions, as well as educate employees on security principles and knowledge about espionage activities.

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What can we do for you as part of our technical security service?

We employ various technologies and solutions such as bug detection, computer network analysis, security room verification, communication protection, security training, personal protection, background checks, security audits, threat analysis, and investigations.

Detection of bugs, hidden cameras, and GPS trackers

The process of detecting these devices usually involves using special tools such as bug detectors, radio frequency scanners, thermal imaging cameras, electromagnetic field detectors, and others.

Penetration testing of offices and industrial facilities

The goal of penetration testing is to detect and eliminate any vulnerabilities in systems and networks that could potentially allow unauthorized access by individuals or organizations.

Enterprise security audit

The purpose of the audit is to identify threats and risks associated with data security, as well as to suggest ways to enhance the security of systems, networks, and applications.

Creation of security policy

Creating a security policy is the process of developing and implementing a plan that aims to protect the information and resources of a company or organization from external and internal threats.

Counterintelligence measures

Counterintelligence is the process of preventing surveillance and detecting and eliminating espionage activities conducted by individuals or organizations seeking to acquire sensitive information or compromise privacy.

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What else can we do for you?

Our actions aim to provide protection against espionage and surveillance, as well as prevent potential consequences of such activities (data leaks, financial damages, loss of reputation and trust). Technical security activities in the context of counterintelligence may include:

Do you need assistance with technical security services?

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