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Our team of experts operates discreetly and effectively, helping clients solve various business-related issues. We provide reliable and up-to-date information, ensuring complete confidentiality and individual approach to each client.

The Verificators team of specialists

Get to know our team

Kamil Pastuszka

CEO, Co-founder

Since 2008, Kamil has been gaining experience in the largest Polish and international economic intelligence agencies and detective agencies. He actively participates in projects related to economic intelligence, international asset tracing, due diligence, and litigation support, where he serves as an advisor and analyst.

Ewald Bednarczyk

Chief Operating Officer, Co-founder

As a licensed detective, Ewald specializes in combating internal fraud and gathering evidence for legal proceedings. He actively collaborates with lawyers to strengthen the attack or defense of clients. He also specializes in advising on counter-surveillance security for office facilities.

Urszula Dera

Detective Team Coordinator

Urszula is a licensed detective with many years of experience gained in police work and detective services. Her knowledge, as well as her ability to listen and observe people, allow her to choose the right means and methods of action to achieve the expected results. She coordinates the team of detectives and also conducts observations herself.

Robin Barnett

Strategy and Business Intelligence Adviser

Robin is a British diplomat with extensive experience in Central Europe, having served as the UK Ambassador to Poland, Ireland, and Romania. He has also held the position of Director for Visas and Managing Director of the Business Group for Trade and Investment in the UK. He specializes in finding solutions to complex operational problems, difficult negotiations, crisis management, and strategy development and implementation.

Tomasz Urbaniak

Business Security Adviser

Tomasz is an expert in security, a certified Compliance and AML/CFT analyst, trainer, and lecturer. He specializes in strategic advisory, particularly in the area of international expansion and identifying threats to companies arising from competition. He strengthens our team in the area of handling complex cases of crisis management that pose a threat to the international business activities of our clients.

Michał Nosowski

Technical Security Specialist

Michał is a graduate of the University of Warsaw and has been involved in the detective industry for nearly 10 years. He specializes in security audits and detecting eavesdropping devices. He has participated in projects for major Polish companies, state-owned enterprises, and government agencies. In the assignments he handles, he deals with technical issues and provides advice on choosing technical means to secure information and counter-surveillance.

Patryk Poskrobko

Forensic Investigations and Intelligence

Patryk is a lawyer, university lecturer, licensed detective, and graduate of postgraduate studies in forensic auditing at SGH. He holds an EMBA diploma from Apsley Business School in London. He actively participates in numerous trainings on crime fighting. Most importantly, he is a practitioner – for a decade he has been creating reports and analyses based on verified and reliable information. He has extensive experience in KYC and CDD analyses.

Alicja Pawłowska

Data Analyst

Alicja has a degree in computer science from the Polish-Japanese Academy of Computer Technology. She is a participant and judge in international competitions on OSINT, SOCMINT, and dark web information acquisition. In projects for major law firms and investment funds, she serves as a data analyst.

Emilia Samuła

Marketing Manager

Emilia, as a marketing specialist, is responsible for creating market-driven content, brand visual identification, advertising graphics, and social media management. She designs, implements, and manages the company’s websites. Together with the team, she creates effective marketing strategies that build brand awareness and increase Verificators’ recognition in Poland and abroad.

Piotr Rzuchowski

Digital Forensic Expert

Piotr is a specialist in digital forensics and data recovery. He has experience in collaborating with law enforcement agencies and the justice system. He is the author of numerous opinions in court proceedings related to computer science. He is enthusiastic about finding new solutions that enable efficient and effective acquisition of digital evidence.

Patrycja Kruczkowska

Data Analyst

Patrycja is responsible for data analysis in the economic and business context. She is a graduate of the University of Technology and Commerce. H. Chodkowska in Warsaw, majoring in Internal Security, specializing in criminology and criminalistics. Her education allows her to gain a deeper understanding of the complex aspects of economic crime.

Piotr Dobosz

Data Analyst

Piotr is an experienced analyst. He gained experience in an international company that is a world leader in digital technologies and security. During his studies in Internal Security, he explored issues related to criminology, criminalistics and the use of modern technologies in the field of security.

Digital Forensic Experts

Digital Solutions for Business

Digital forensic experts at Verificators primarily focus on utilizing IT tools and digital techniques to collect, analyze, and present economic information for clients. They conduct in-depth analysis of data and information that enables clients to make informed business decisions. Digital forensic experts utilize various IT technologies, such as data analysis software, fraud detection tools, Big Data technologies, and social network analysis tools.


We Provide Reliable Information

The main goal of Verificators’ analysts is to provide clients with information and reports that will help them make business decisions based on reliable analysis. They monitor competition for individual clients, analyze market trends, and forecast future changes. They use various sources of information, such as industry publications, financial reports of companies, government data, market research, and online information. Verificators’ analysts are proficient in data analysis, have knowledge of markets and industries, and possess presentation and communication skills.


We Protect Your Business Interests

Experienced detectives in the Verificators team are responsible for investigating irregularities in business, including economic crimes, fraud, theft of intellectual property, unfair competition, and other unethical or illegal activities that affect companies and their interests. Their tasks usually involve identifying irregularities, collecting and analyzing evidence, and reporting their findings to clients. Detectives use various sources of information, such as public registers, databases, witnesses, and other methods to achieve their goals.

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