Amazon falls victim of the cybercriminal fraud

Amazon falls victim of the cybercriminal fraud

Amazon was the target of fraud between May and October 2018. Cybercriminals obtained access to around 100 seller accounts, and transferred cash into their bank accounts. Company confirmed to the news agency that it had completed an investigation into the incident.

The hackers were draining the victims’ accounts out of cash earned through loans and sales. Most details are secret, but Amazon understood that the intruders changed account details at Barclays and Prepay Technologies Ltd. Lawyers of the company asked a London judge to approve searches of account statements at Barclays and Prepay, which “have become innocently mixed up in the wrongdoing.”  As per a statement from a spokesman of Barclays, the bank declined to comment specifically on the case but said it tries to quickly close accounts used by criminals to help protect customers.

Amazon did not comment on the particulars of the case, but did say that these kinds of incidents can happen through phishing scams that trick victims into handing over login details. It can only prevent partners from clicking on suspicious links in their email. The fraud may serve as a reminder to merchants as they share responsibility in keeping their accounts safe.

If you are a victim of that type of fraud or you received a phishing email, you should inform right person.

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