Don not Share Your Holiday Photos

As the holiday season kicks off, social media is already flooded with vacation photos. Beaches, mountains, exotic cities – everyone wants to showcase where they are spending their free time. However, before you post another vacation photo online, it’s worth considering whether it’s really a good idea. Here are a few reasons why you should refrain from sharing your holiday photos on social media.

Why You Should Avoid Sharing Your Activities Online

  • Risk of Theft: Posting about being away from home can alert burglars. By sharing vacation photos, you inform potential criminals that your home is unoccupied.
  • Privacy Protection: Photos often contain location data and other information that can reveal your exact whereabouts.
  • Cyberbullying and Stalking: Publicly sharing photos increases the risk of becoming a victim of cyberbullying or stalking.
  • Child Safety: Sharing pictures of children can invade their privacy and expose them to danger. Always think twice about whether the photo you’re about to post is appropriate and whether it reveals too much.

Case Study: Burglary During Vacation

A family went on a two-week vacation to Mallorca. Before leaving, they meticulously secured their home by locking all windows and doors. Unfortunately, they made one crucial mistake – they regularly posted beach photos on Facebook, informing friends about their fantastic time. Worse yet, their profile was public, so anyone could see their posts.

One warm, sunny night, someone used the information from social media to break into their house. The burglars knew the house was empty and had plenty of time to search every corner. Jewelry, electronics, and other valuable items were stolen. Instead of coming back to joyful vacation memories, the family returned to an empty house and the painful realization that their privacy had been violated.

How to Ensure Your Safety

  1. Maintain Privacy Settings: Set your social media profiles to private. Make sure only trusted friends can see your posts.
  2. Avoid Geotagging: Disable the geo-tagging feature on your phone and avoid providing exact details about your locations.
  3. Delay Photo Posting: Instead of sharing photos in real-time, wait until you return from vacation. This way, you can share your memories without risking a break-in.
  4. Inform Trusted Individuals Only: If you need to inform someone about your trip, do so privately with only your closest and most trusted contacts.
  5. Be Cautious with Child Photos: Before sharing a photo of your child, consider whether it invades their privacy or endangers them. Avoid posting pictures that reveal details about their daily life, school, or location. Do not share photos showing children’s faces or any potentially compromising images.

Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones

Think carefully about what you post. Take a critical look at your photos and consider how a criminal might use them against you.


In summary, while the temptation to share vacation photos may be strong, it’s important to consider the potential consequences. Safety, privacy, and protection from criminals are far more important than a few likes on social media. Take care of yourself and your security – share your memories after you return home.

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