Google Phishing Quiz – Would you pass it?

Google Phishing Quiz – Would you pass it?

Phishing is a very dangerous practice. It is an attempt to obtain confidential information (such as somebody’s username, their password or credit card details) by disguising as a trustworthy entity in electronic communication. This is usually done by e-mail spoofing or instant messaging. Most often, it directs users to enter data on a counterfeit website. Its layout is the same as in the case of a legal website.

To raise awareness of phishing, Google and Jigsaw created a quiz to teach people how to better spot malicious emails. The quiz guides you through 8 messages – some of which are real, while others are the examples of phishing. Before starting the quiz, it is best to enter correct information make it more realistic. This page ensures that the information entered will not leave the device in use. The questions are inspired by the attack of Russian hackers.

Even if you don’t answer all the questions correctly, it will surely help you understand how phishing works. It is also helpful to be more cautious.

To take the test, use the following link:

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