Skip tracing

We specialize in supporting international debt collection companies through professional skip tracing services. This advanced investigative technique plays a crucial role in the field of debt collection, enabling companies to recover overdue payments from debtors who try to evade responsibility. Our services are based on knowledge from OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) areas, the deep web, and the use of proprietary solutions that support the information search process.

Examples of data that can be obtained through skip tracing include:

• Contact Information

Current debtor’s contact information, such as phone number, residential address, email address, or social media accounts. These details are crucial for establishing contact and initiating the debt collection process.

• Residence and Employment History

Tracking previous addresses and places of employment can help identify patterns and potential whereabouts of the debtor.

• Public Registries

We utilize public registries such as the central debtor registry, court registries, or administrative databases to check if the debtor is listed in these documents or if there are any outstanding debts or legal proceedings against them.

• Financial Data

We analyze the debtor’s financial data, such as bank accounts, transactions, or debt-related information, to gain insights into their financial situation. This helps determine the possibility of recovering overdue payments.

Mass-scale skip tracing services

Our company offers mass-scale skip tracing services, while ensuring competitive prices. Thanks to advanced tools and technologies, we are able to effectively track and locate debtors in numerous cases. This enables us to handle even the largest debt recovery orders, allowing our clients to recover outstanding payments.

‘Success fee’

We operate on a ‘success fee’ basis, meaning clients only incur costs for our service once a positive result is achieved. This payment model provides our clients with assurance that they pay only for the effectiveness of our work. To accommodate diverse client needs, we offer individual pricing packages tailored to specific requirements and expectations.

Our experienced team is ready to take on the challenge and assist you in locating the desired person and recovering overdue payments. With our dedication, knowledge, and tools, we can increase your chances of success in the debt collection process. Contact us now for complete dedication, professionalism, and confidentiality in every case.

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