Are your file transfers safe

Are your file transfers safe?

The file sharing service, WeTransfer, announced that for two days it was sending its users shared files to the wrong people. As this service is used to transfer what is considered private and potentially sensitive files, this could be a big privacy issue for affected users.

According to emails directed to the users, on June 16th and 17th, files sent using the WeTransfer service were also delivered to people that they were not meant to go to. Further, they informed that the team does not know what happened and that they are working to contain the situation. WeTransfer posted a security notice on their web site that some accounts were logged out and had their passwords reset to protect their accounts and that they blocked access to the Transfer links that were involved in the incident.

As recently revealed in the Symantec report, the reality of the observed attacks shows that file camouflage, account takeover, and threats spreading laterally are the main risk, accounting for 70% of the cyber incidents.

It is highly recommended to take special security measures while transferring files which could be considered sensitive, private or crucial to business operations.

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