Money laundering charges against Jeronimo Martins employees

Money laundering charges against Jeronimo Martins employees

Ten Jeronimo Martins employees have been charged by the Portuguese Prosecutor’s Office. Among them, there is a high-level Polish worker. The Polish Press Agency refers to the Portuguese media, which informs that the investigation was initiated by the authorities of the Jeronimo Martins group. Ten people have been charged, four of them have been detained.

According to media reports, employees of Jeronimo Martins heard allegations of corruption and money laundering. The allegations were also heard by a person working in one of the higher positions in the Polish branch of the group. Two other top-level employees of Jeronimo Martins are accused of accepting bribes worth a total of 1 million EUR. 

The campaign was carried out in 18 different locations in Portugal. The case was codenamed “Rappel”. According to unconfirmed information, one of the suppliers of fish for the shops of the Portuguese retail chain was involved in the corruption inside the company.


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