False “Bitcoin Generator”

YouTube Videos Promoting False “Bitcoin Generator”

Scammers are using the popularity of YouTube to create content about quick enrichment. This can potentially cheat many people. How? The videos promote a tool that will generate free Bitcoins for their users. It involves tricking someone into downloading a software under the pretence that they’re getting some sort of non-existent Bitcoin multiplying app.

The downloaded malware uses many different methods to defraud victims. A Setup.exe file that contains Qulab Trojan immediately infects the device. Then it is enabled to steal the browser history, saved browser credentials, browser cookies, saved credentials in FileZilla, Discord credentials, and Steam credentials from the infected computers. The malware can also monitor the Windows clipboard for certain data that will be swapped with different data the attacker wants if it meets the criteria. The data referred to is cryptocurrency addresses, which users often copy while performing crypto transactions. They will then be swapped with another address belongs to the attackers, without the users even realize.

It remains crucial to be vigilant while caring out transactions via the Internet. While using online sources, it is important to remember about few rules: post mindfully, be socially conscious, be aware of email scams and suspicious links, always make sure passwords are unique and watch what you share.

Source: http://www.newsbtc.com

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