How to find debtor’s assets out of a country? How to find it in Poland?

How to find debtor’s assets out of a country? How to find it in Poland?

Property concealment, transfer of owned assets and real estates to unauthorised people or family members, false testimonies, and hiding possessions abroad are common practices of shady businesses or maintenance debtors. The debt collection rate is appallingly low, as the opponents present themselves as insolvent.

Our private investigators and analysts help determine the property owned by the debtor, acting in accordance with the law. Verificators specialises at investigative services and business intelligence in Poland but also searching for assets abroad (including Tax havens such as Cyprus, Malta, Lichtenstein). With our extensive experience and links, we can reach multiple destinations across the world.

International private investigators, as well as individuals, can count on our support. The scope of our offer includes:

Property reports – determination of valuable assets held by the debtor in the country indicated by a Client.

Analytical reports – investigative and analytical activities that help to identify the country in which the debtor and his assets are hiding.

Support in asset recovery – on behalf of the Client, we carry out a number of investigative and legal activities aimed at the recovery of receivables, regardless of the country where the debtor and his assets are located. We provide this service only in complex international projects when the debtor hides his assets, e.g. in tax havens. For the implementation of such projects, we charge a fee exclusively based on a success fee on the recovered amount.

For more details on our activities, read about our services and contact us.

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