The famous name used by fraudsters

The famous name used by fraudsters

Dominika Kulczyk, a daughter of the late Jan Kulczyk, has been in the group of the richest Polish women for years. Recently she has fallen a victim of a group of fraudsters who used her name to promote a shady business Crypto Revolt – the application for “automatic investing”, where its creators promise clients incredible profits, crediting it with the image of Dominika Kulczyk. Fraudsters were so unscrupulous that they even created a fake version of the popular business website, where they praise their business. Because of this deception, the image of Dominika Kulczyk suffered.

The Crypto Revolt application aims to earn on cryptocurrencies. According to its creators, users who download the app have to top up their accounts with real cash, and then the algorithm will be earning for them. For a promotion purpose was created an article devoted to Crypto Revolt. It was published on a website illusively resembling the Polish edition of the Business Insider portal. The text, however, contained false information that Dominik Kulczyk has already invested PLN 36 million in the project. In addition, related entries with her image, pricing the app and informing that the billionaire has invested money in the project, appeared on Facebook.

As informed the PR coordinator at Kulczyk Foundation, they have taken steps to find out the source of this untrue information, considering taking appropriate legal measures to protect the image and to prevent fraudulent activities. It is not the first time when the face of a known person was illegally used without her or his consent to promote an uncertain business. Earlier, even such figures as Elon Musk and Donald Trump have fallen victims of scammers as their images were exploited.

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