World Association of Detectives Mid-Term Meeting

World Association of Detectives Mid-Term Meeting in Prague April 2023

We are pleased to have participated in the Mid-Term Meeting organized by the World Association of Detectives (W.A.D) – an international association of private detectives. Our company, Verificators, was represented by the board members – Kamil Pastuszka and Ewald Bednarczyk, who had the opportunity to meet with other specialists in the detective industry from around the world in Prague.

W.A.D.’s task is to promote ethical standards and strengthen the position of the detective profession worldwide. The meeting aimed to discuss current issues and challenges facing the association and provide opportunities for networking and exchange of experiences among its members. During the conference, we not only had the opportunity to exchange views and insights with other specialists but also to present our company and its achievements. It is very important to know the current trends and challenges in the industry, and meetings like this are an ideal opportunity for the development of the company and maintaining competitiveness in the market.

Thanks to such initiatives, we gain broader perspectives and build business relationships with partners from other countries. We actively participate in events organized by W.A.D and hope to take part in the 98th annual conference in Vancouver in October.

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